New Jersey Strong news – MERCER COUNTY, NJ: Office of the Mercer County Prosecutor reports 8.19.2020. Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri announced today
that 58 individuals were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit theft by
deception in an organized scheme that used prepaid debit cards to steal from ATMs
across the county.
On August 18, 2020, at approximately 8 a.m., Robbinsville Township police officers
responded to the Santander Bank on Route 33 after receiving information that multiple
individuals were gathering around the ATM using stacks of cards to withdraw money and
attempting to avoid the camera on the ATM. As officers approached, the group took
notice and began to hurriedly move away from the ATM. Ultimately, 20 individuals were
taken into custody by police, each with multiple debit/credit cards and money in their
Robbinsville police reached out to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office for assistance
and investigators from both agencies quickly began collaborating with authorities in
nearby towns like Hamilton, Hopewell, Lawrence, Princeton and West Windsor, as well
as Santander Bank.
During the course of the investigation, officers learned that Camden County Prosecutor’s
Office reported that multiple thefts occurred at Santander ATMs in its jurisdiction by
individuals to fraudulently obtained money. Camden County Prosecutor’s Office advised
that the suspects in those thefts came from New York to commit the fraud in New Jersey.

Officers also received information from multiple law enforcement sources that instructions
were being shared on social media on how to defraud Santander ATM machines.
Prosecutor Onofri praised the teamwork of local law enforcement and said the open lines
of communication and sharing of resources allowed law enforcement to get ahead of
these scammers in some instances.
At about 9:40 a.m., West Windsor dispatch relayed the information that Robbinsville had
a number of individuals in custody. Dispatch also advised that Princeton reported a large
sum of money fraudulently obtained from a Santander ATM in its jurisdiction. Information
also came in relating that the FBI and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office were actively
investigating these cases.
“As a result, heightened awareness was given to the activity at Santander locations in
West Windsor,” Prosecutor Onofri said. “West Windsor officers and detectives from my
office were able to detain and investigate five separate crews of suspects at different
times throughout the day at the Santander Bank on Princeton-Hightstown Road, resulting
in many arrests.”
In Lawrence Township, police were also alerted to the ATM scam perpetrated against the
Princeton Santander, and a description was provided of the suspects and the vehicles
used in commission of that crime. Lawrence was further made aware of the countywide
scam that was occurring and heightened attention was given to the Santander banks in
their town. Shortly thereafter, at about 9:45 a.m., a vehicle matching the description of
the vehicle used in the Princeton scam was spotted in the area of the Santander bank at
on Franklin Corner Road. The occupants from the suspect vehicle were stopped and
investigated, and ultimately charged with the conspiracy. The bank reported abnormally
high ATM usage and a shortage of approximately $40,000.
In Hamilton Township, at approximately 10 a.m., Hamilton police were detailed to the
Santander Bank located on South Broad Street on the report of two suspicious vehicles
in the parking lot of the bank. It was reported that other Santander Banks in neighboring
jurisdictions were reporting suspicious activities at the ATMs so units were detailed to
Santander Bank ATM locations throughout Hamilton. Additional vehicles and suspects
were located throughout the day at the ATMs found at 1700 Nottingham Way, 1700 Kuser
Road and 2730 Nottingham Way. During the investigations bank cards, cash, marijuana,
and a handgun were recovered.
Hopewell Township had three separate incidents involving separate crews that started
around 11:30 a.m. at the Santander Bank on Pennington Road. Several foot chases
ensued and all subjects were apprehended. In addition to the conspiracy charge, Sekou
Touray, of East Orange, NJ, was charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault of
a prosecutor’s detective.

Similar incidents were reported in multiple other jurisdictions throughout the state. The
investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be pending. Authorities are still
executing search warrants and working with Santander Bank to determine exactly how
much money was stolen. At this time, the total across municipalities in Mercer County is
more than $250,000.
During the investigation, bank cards, debit cards, credit cards, cash, marijuana, and a
handgun were recovered. Additionally, more than a dozen vehicles were seized
throughout the county. Robbinsville K-9 Quori sniffed out cocaine totaling 150 grams in
the trunk of one of the suspect vehicles in Robbinsville.
The following individuals were arrested and charged in Mercer County on Tuesday,
August 18, 2020:
Hamilton Township

  1. Tyler Holness, 21, of Yonkers, NY
  2. Rasheem Lee Jr., 18, of Bronx, NY
  3. Kymani Hinds, 18, of Bronx, NY
  4. Michael Santiago, 26, of Bronx, NY
  5. Saquan Vaines, 21, of Arverne, NY
  6. Kareema Hall, 20, of Bronx, NY
  7. Justin Brown, 22, of Arverne, NY
  8. Michael Manroop, 24, of Cambridge Heights, NY
  9. Nayvon Patten, 18, of Linderhurst, NY
    10.Jerry Trujillo, 24, of Maplewood, NJ
    11.Zaire Lewis, 18, of Maplewood, NJ
    12.Frankie Jerome, 21, of Maplewood, NJ
    13.Ahmad Muhammad, 18, of Maplewood, NJ
    14.Jordan Saquan, 24, of Brooklyn, NY
    15.Arian Rasul, 22, of Brooklyn, NY
    16.Starsheen Jones, 24, of Brooklyn, NY
    17.Jordan Amador, 27, of Brooklyn, NY
    18.Steven Wilson, 23, of New York, NY
    19.Nikye Bee, 25, of New York, NY
    20.Kevin Jones, 23, of New York, NY
    Hopewell Township
  10. Ebrama Touray, 23, of East Orange, NJ
  11. Mbemba Kaba, 23, of East Orange, NJ
  12. Yacouba Sanogo, 24, of Newark, NJ
  13. Sekou Touray, 22, of East Orange, NJ
  14. Kingsley Nicolas, 22, of East Orange, NJ
  15. Orlando C. Chambers Jr., 21, of Lindenhurst, NY
  16. Emmanuel Edoise Oyakhilome, 22, of Lindenhurst, NY

Lawrence Township

  1. Elijah N. Oliver, 22, of Brooklyn, NY
  2. Dandrea Taylor Dey, 22, of Brooklyn, NY
  3. Quentin A. Hosten, 22, of Brooklyn, NY
  4. Zachary B. Johnson, 21, of Brooklyn, NY
    Robbinsville Township
  5. Amoire Dupree, 26, of Brooklyn, NY
  6. Brittany Gittens, 20, of Brooklyn, NY
  7. Hurshum Gittens, 26, of Brooklyn, NY
  8. Charles Gordon, 30, of Brooklyn, NY
  9. Veronica Gregory, 22, of Brooklyn, NY
  10. Oswin Philander, 21, of Brooklyn, NY
  11. Jeffrey Debrosse, 31, of Brooklyn, NY
  12. Bolade Akingboy, 29, of West Hempstead, NY
  13. Jeffrey Desir, 34, of Brooklyn, NY
    10.Julio Ramos, 33, of Jamaica, NY
    11.Kevin Philander, 26, of Newark, DE
    12.Jishawn Lee, 19, of Brooklyn, NY
    13.Marlon Owens, 28, of Bronx, NY
    14.Alex Burnett, 30, of Jersey City, NJ
    15.D.T., 16, of Brooklyn, NY
    16.J.F., 16, of Brooklyn, NY
    17.Ackeem Samuel, 25, of Brooklyn, NY
    18.Brandon Esperance, 20, of Brooklyn, NY
    19.Kevin Owusu, 19, of Brooklyn, NY
    20.Kareem Courtney, 23, of Brooklyn, NY
    West Windsor
  14. Philek Barington, 25, of Queens, NY
  15. LaTonya S. Stevens, 26, of Bronx, NY
  16. Qwashan D. Mack, 19, of North Brunswick, NJ
  17. Hymeen S. Reynolds, 19, of East Orange, NJ
  18. Brajae U. Jones, 23, of Englewood, NJ
  19. Bryon K Jones Jr., 28, of Garfield, NJ
  20. Carla E. Donayre-Solano, 28, of Garfield, NJ
    Despite having been charged, every defendant is presumed innocent until found guilty
    beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.