Watch Video: Hamilton, NJ: Friends of Dam Site 21 hold rally to stop over development of Mercer County Park system 10.26.2019. Watch Video:

Hamilton, NJ: Friends of Dam 21 reports 10.02.2019 –
Dam Site 21 was constructed in the 80’s as a flood control project. Upon completion it was turned over to Mercer County. You may know it as the “sledding hill” on Hughes Drive. About half of the area is located in Hamilton Township, and the other half split between Robbinsville and West Windsor. In 2019 Mercer County Park Commission hired Simone Collins Architecture to develop plans for a “passive water park” at Dam Site 21. After 2 meetings of public comment, Simone Collins revealed their plan. On the Hamilton side there are many items such as a natural playground, canopy walk, viewing stand, gardens and trails. However many of these developments are infringing on the bordering homes within a couple of hundred feet of the homes bordering the park area. The park is only 278 acres and only a portion of that is wooded. This area contains an abundance of wildlife that will be displaced. Other developments include 7.7 miles of trails. Mercer County Park at 2600 acres has 16.1 miles of trails and Mercer Meadows at 1600 acres has 10.4 miles of trails. Dam Site 21 will have over 4 times the amount of trails than the other two parks. More importantly all of the activity developments would be better suited at Mercer County Park, a half mile away without infringing on any neighbors. Not to mention the added traffic on Hughes Dr. and oh by the way, this will cost the taxpayer $15 million! Absolutely absurd and a very poor plan. We are not a NIMBY group, but would love to see the lake brought back to the design specifications, and the existing trails around the lake improved. We don’t want to infringe on the abundance of wildlife. The Mercer County Park Commission has done nothing to maintain the park other than cut the grass since they have taken possession. This money could be spent on these developments a half a mile up the road were it will not infringe upon anyone, and get better usage with the amout of people who use Mercer County Park. Please join us in opposing this absurd plan.